Friday, October 02, 2015

Up up and away

Sitting on a plane flying over Western Australia on my way to Bali - via Singapore! And really, don't ask me why I have to fly over Bali and on to Singapore, spend a night in the airport hotel there and then fly back to Bali the next day. I have no idea! I know it's something to do with keeping all flights on the one ticket - I am going on to London after a week in Bali - but it still makes no sense at all to me!

However, I've just had to give up questioning and do it! After a week of waking up at 2am virtually every night panicking about one thing or another, it's all happening! The housesitters did come and although the pussycat was pretty freaked out with all my packing etc., she does like them so I'm sure she'll be fine - much better than 6 weeks in a cattery for her. And although I had an awful coughing fit at 2am this morning, it seems to have subsided now and I've done all I can to avoid picking up yet another cold/cough on the journey. Out of my control now - just have to surrender to the Universe! If I'm going to have to be sick, then I guess Bali is a pretty nice place to collapse in!

Fingers crossed that won't happen though! I'm really looking forward to a week of yoga with Dena ... And then on to London visiting family and friends ... :)

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Globie said...

See you soon, have a great time in Bali


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