Monday, September 24, 2012

September update

Well, I don't know that I have anything much to say that's interesting. But it has been over a month since I last posted so I really should ...

Had a really lovely 10 days or so when 3 friends from the UK and Portugal, and one from Byron Bay came to stay for a wonderful 5-day event with our meditation teacher, Maharaji. Mind you - it was lovely, but I was sick the whole time they were here (still am) and so had to get them to do all the cooking etc. I just managed to be one of the two drivers to and from the convention site each day, and then to drag myself across the countryside there to collapse in different locations to listen ... And then collapse into bed as soon as I'd eaten dinner!

So, why am I sick?!! I had thought I was getting better the week before they came, but it just all hit me again as I rushed too and fro from the airport collecting international visitors! I'm sure there must be some connection to my mother's death, and the really difficult few months I've had. I have seen both the 'coughing' doctor and my haematologist and it appears I just have to wait for the coughing to hopefully go away/die down. The antibiotics I have been taking for ages no longer work much (surprise surprise!), and the only other antibiotic I could take, I can't as it's implicated in the haemalytic anaemia I had earlier in the year!!

It has actually made me realise that I really need to take things into my own hands here. The partner of one of my English friends is a homeopath and we ended up skyping (or trying - ended using the 'normal' phone line!). She sent me some remedies which I started taking last week, and even though I find it hard to see how homeopathy can work, I do feel they have made a difference. And if it's a placebo effect, well why should I care?! I'm going to investigate further on the complementary side of medicine to see what help I can get, before I go back to those doctors near the end of October ...

And yoga? Well, apart from some Sun Salutes 2 weeks ago, nothing! I'm hoping I might be up to doing some lunchtime yoga during the week. But today it's really hot and didn't feel like dragging myself across campus! It's supposed to be the beginning of Spring for goodness sake, not full summer! Luckily the weather forecast says it will go down to the mid-twenties from tomorrow ... although still no rain! Had to buy some water in last week after all those visitors!!


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