Saturday, December 06, 2014

Yoga and other stuff!

I had an amazing yoga practice this afternoon. Amazing only to someone like me of course, but who cares! I could bind on both sides in Mari B (haven't been able to bind on 1st side for about 3-4 years). Binding suddenly appeared to be a future possibility again on 1st side of Mari C, and very close on 2nd side. And I could straighten my legs in Navasana!! Totally unheard of! What is happening?!!

It was amazing because I know I've been struggling, mostly unsuccessfully, to get some kind of consistency / routine going. I'm really only managing 4-5 (short) practices a week at most, and I still haven't made it back to the Shala ... (sigh ... don't ask!!) So there doesn't seem to be any reason / justification for for this ... I guess I'll just have to take it as a gift and hope that at least some of this 'progress' is still there tomorrow!!!

Last weekend some friends from my 'old' Ipswich bookgroup came to visit for the day. It was lovely ... We did yoga on my back deck, went out for a yummy lunch (appropriately at the Yum Yum Tree Cafe just 5 minutes away!). After that we walked down to the beach, jumped around in the surf and then sat and talked for ages in the shady trees at the back of the beach. Just next to this ...


It was just such an enjoyable day ... They're planning on actually having a bookclub meeting here next February - should be great!

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