Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has gone ...  so sad that he's no longer here with us, but talk about a life well lived! Very few people have made such a difference - I believe he truly changed the world.

I've seen lots about this on Facebook - including a photo of Mandela with a friend (must be such a thrill for Joe to have that photo now!) It's nothing really, but this is my Mandela story.

When Angela and I first came (back for me) to live in Sydney, back in 1988, we came from London, where there was a very strong anti-apartheid movement. So, we were looking around for a house to buy, and ended up buying one in 'Pretoria Parade, Hornsby'! Honestly, we had very nearly refused to even go and look at it. The idea of having Pretoria Parade as our address was just anathema to us! (And Angela's sister was living in 'Avenue of the Revolution' in the Caribbean!!) And then, when we saw the gorgeous little timber cottage, we loved it, but ... our compromise was to give the house a name that would stand in opposition to that apartheid connection and that name was 'Mandela'!

I went through old photo albums, and found this photo of the name on the gate (with a very young godson, who's now grown up and living in Portugal)!


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