Monday, July 24, 2006

News from my day-to-day life ... :)

My sister in London thought I hadn't done any yoga since May, when I last posted here! I'd be very stiff if that was the case ... no, it's just I've been busy I guess, and haven't made time to blog about my normal everyday activities!

I actually just did a short (3/4 hour) lunchtime practice ... I've got a second job for a few weeks, being a Census collector. In Australia they do a census every 5 years - and although they pay well, it's a lot of work. I'm certainly going to earn it ...:) I've done the training, and will start delivering the forms this Friday night - to 300 houses!! Anyway, it looks like I'll have a hard time getting to a class for a few weeks so I will need to grab the opportunities for self practice where I can!

I don't think I've "progressed" in anything, except maybe flexibility. I can put my palms on the floor now, to my amazement! But what I really need to 'progress' is in strength! Don't know why that's so hard for me!

I went down to Sydney for a long weekend at the beginning of July. Had a really nice time down in Bowral with Mum. She gave me a gorgeous alcpaca jumper - cardigan really. I love alpaca and haven't had an alpaca jumper for years ... Thanks Mum!!

And on the day I flew back, we went to this gorgeous exhibition about Pearls ... it was huge! So many beautiful pearls, and amazing pearling stories and historical exhibits! Then we had lunch with Jo (nephew) and Emma (gf) at the Mint, before heading for the airport and home.

I'm also up to my ears in preparations for Maharaji's 40th anniversary event at Amaroo in September ... it's going to be so sweet ...


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