Saturday, June 11, 2016

Thoughts on Dena's Intensive

Well the 4-week intensive with Dena finished yesterday. Unfortunately I actually missed most of the 2nd week after coming down with the worst cold I've had in years! (Apparently it is/was going round the district). And of course, despite my silly fears I really enjoyed the whole experience. Oh, there were many mornings getting up in the dark when I really didn't want to, but once I got to the shala I knew I was in the right place!

Not that there were any great dramatic 'leaps forward' in my yoga practice ... More a gradual building of strength (still sadly lacking after all these years!) which I hope/intend to take advantage of over the coming months. Dena had got me to do a 2nd series pose (shalabasana) before upward dog in the seated vinyasas, and said she could see that things were 'moving' or bending (if only infinitesimally!) in my thoracic spine ... Finally! She has been on at me for years about that!!

I'm going to try and do one of these twice a year ... Much cheaper than going to one of her Bali workshops, and they're only one week! Plus there is only so much hanging around in Ubud one can do, and I've done a lot of that!! And now Dena is having a much needed break before heading to Europe to do workshops there. At the end of the practice yesterday we sat in a circle and shared something of our feelings. And she said she had left her children every morning for the last 4 months to come and teach because of her love for the practice and to carry on Guruji's legacy. But she was so looking forward to some family time !!

So now I'm sitting with a coffee (from Yum Yum cafe!) on my back verandah, writing this while listening to ABC Classic FM's Top 100 Classic Music (Voice) as voted by listeners, including me! I can't remember what my top 3 picks were - I think it was the Faure Requiem, the Allegheri Misereri ... Yes, and Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus ... Perhaps not very adventurous but still really beautiful music!!

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