Friday, April 13, 2012

Pussycat and yoga updates

Pussycat sleeping on yoga!

More pictures of the pussycat - here she is sleeping on my Gregor Maehle book! My Mum was up staying over Easter, and she has 'added to' the pussycat's name Sansa. This pussycat has a really funny tail - it curls right up and lies over her back - in fact it reminds me of a dog - like a Basenji or one of those Japanese dogs. And she constantly waves it from side to side! So Mum said - oh she should be called Squiggletail - and I'm now calling her Sansa Squiggletail!! It's kind of hard to get her to stay still enough for me to get a good photo of this wiggly tail - this below is the best I could do!


It's been a funny few weeks, yoga-wise. There were a couple of weeks when I only managed one practice a week - sick one week, and completely maxed out at work the next. This coincided with a sudden unexpected temporary closure of the yoga shala I go to. It's finally re-opening next Monday (after a month being closed).

Anyway, after the two weeks of one practice a week (my Sunday morning yoga saved my life!) I managed to re-start my lunchtime practices at work - but really noticed how my stamina had fallen away! And then Easter arrived along with my mother and all the required entertaining ... sigh. I think I managed to practice 2 times over Easter.

Luckily back to 'normal' practice again now! Though I still think that when I get back to class next week my core stamina will still be a bit down. Which is a pity as I had planned to re-start doing most of the poses that have been on hold since I did my knee meniscus injury last June/July (was it really that long ago?!) Now I'll just have to see how I go ... :)


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