Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Last musings on Bali

I've been in London for a few days now ... Below is something I started writing but didn't finish from before I left Ubud.

As the week drew to a close the class got fuller each day with more people joining in ( I assume they all asked if they could!) Mats got closer and closer ... Luckily Dena was very good at reminding us to check we weren't invading the next space! Staggered mats etc ...

This afternoon is the last of the afternoon classes - where Dena focuses on a particular aspect, and how it can be worked on/considered in different poses ... One day she focussed on backbends, and how a back bend is also a front stretch. Another day it was on bandhas(sp?!) and how essential they are in so many different ways. And about downward dog, and how you could focus on different areas that I hadn't even thought of - like if you have tight shoulders, then focus on the stretch from the shoulders down into the arms. They have been really great - just hope I can remember some of the things she has said. Haven't been as good at writing them down as in previous years (to be honest I haven't written anything down!!)

I'm definitely going to sign up for one of her month-long 'intensives' in Byron for next year. At the moment they are booked up till May, and then they stop while she's away in Europe etc ... So, May!!

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