Sunday, September 07, 2014

Exciting times ... :)

Very exciting times for me at the moment! First of all, my meditation teacher, Maharaji is coming to Australia again. He's doing a 2 day event at Amaroo (near Ipswich) next weekend, and the following weekend he is speaking in Melbourne at the UN International day of Peace celebrations ... I'm going to both and I know it will be just fantastic!

And then yesterday I went to probably my last class at the Gold Coast Yoga Centre ... I'm away next weekend, and the following week I'll be moving into my new place in South Golden Beach (so excited!) so I'll be going back to Dena's Shala after that. Which will be great, but I have really enjoyed classes at GCYC and will miss the community there. But I'll probably come back occasionally to Danny's Saturday led class ...

I'm getting better at the garbha pindasana roll round now, and feel like binding in a few poses like MariC is very close now - on one side that is. I'd love to know what it is that makes things different on different sides. So that I could attempt to do something about it ... !

At home it's all a bit of a waiting game now. Yes I'll need to pack up here, but so much less packing to do this time. I mostly only unpacked the minimum of what I'd need - quite a lot of boxes here that have a few things taken out of them but the rest still packed from the Kholo move. I'm in the process of organising things like internet and phone connection, electricity, insurance (including the infamous flood insurance!) etc etc ... Removalists are booked, I've found a pet motel place to put Miss Squiggle for a couple of days over the packup / move.

Will just have to contain my excitement and anticipation for all of this ... It is coming soon!


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