Thursday, January 21, 2016

Yoga and choir in 2016

When I started doing yoga at Christian's new place on my return from overseas (see a previous post about this!) I wanted to start it properly. All my previous yoga teachers (in Brisbane) had left poses out, so I felt like I was 'picking and choosing' even though it wasn't me doing this at all. So I said to Christian I wanted to do the first series properly, even though it would mean me stopping at navasana, as I had never been given the next pose (bhujapidasana) despite having been given poses further into the series.

I might say, this decision was kind of cemented for me after being stopped at navasana by Hamish in London twice during two UK visits 5 years apart! It's not that I can even do Marichyasana D. But I do want to at least attempt each pose, and nowadays most teachers don't stop you at those so-called 'gateway' poses like MariD, as long as you are making a real attempt. And I'd really like to at least get to the end of the first series in this lifetime!

So, a few days ago Christian got me started on beginning to attempt bhujapidasana ... I know it's going to take a long long time, but I'm on the journey - in it for the long haul! And today he got me to start doing kurmasana / supta kurmasana again! Which was very pleasing ... :)

And on other matters - I was deliriously happy to get an email from our choir director yesterday laying out what we would be doing in 2016. The one thing I have missed choir-wise since moving down here, has been being able to sing Handel's Messiah. There was just nowhere around here that was doing this. I was actually in the process of chasing up a Messiah 'singalong' held in in Brisbane church every year before Easter. (But this year there's a question mark over that, as part of the roof is being taken off for repairs and they're not sure whether it will be fixed in time!!!)

But It appears there is going to be a big performance of The Messiah in Lismore in December. Directed by a wonderful choir director/conductor called Richard Gill (who directed a performance of Carmina Burana I was in back in 2007 with QUMS -aka Queensland University Music Society - my first choir!)

So that's something (one of many things!) to look forward to this year ... It's going to be a great year I think!

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