Friday, October 23, 2015

London notes

Have been having an enjoyable time in London - in between bouts of cold and cough recurrences! The other day I went to yoga, and having sniffled and coughed my way through all of standing (including falling over onto someone in utthitta hasta padangustasana !!) and a few of the seated poses, Hamish tapped me on the shoulder and told me me that was enough and to stop!! (Please please stop!!) So I left it a couple of days, and went back this morning. Still a bit cold-y but a lot better!

I've been spending some time with my nephew and his wife. We've been going out to galleries, and then having delicious lunches! I feel like it's a bit of a foodie tour of London this time, although not talking about famous restaurants or anything! Went to the Goya Portraits exhibition today at the National Gallery ... That was wonderful. And after we went to a Spanish food place - Barrafina. Really yummy food!

Also went to see the film Suffragette with a friend. I wasn't particularly wanting to see it, but it was really good. Quite amazing to be reminded that 100 years ago women could not vote, or even decide what would happen to their children ...

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