Tuesday, March 06, 2007

News from downunder


Well, I guess it's way past time that I posted again ... And just to put us all in the mood, here is my gorgeous pussycat Mieke, doing what she does most of the day, snoozing away!!

I've been pretty busy helping a friend put up the 4th edition of her online poetry website, foam:e But now that's done - uploaded the files last night.

I've also got some more website work - a couple of astrology websites! Wendy, the graphic designer I work with, joked that we might specialise in doing new age websites, as there's another similar one to do waiting in the wings!

Yoga is going good ... went to class on Saturday and had one of those practices where everything seemed great. Got lots of attention from the teachers and new things to try (in poses I've already been given). Those sort of days don't come all the time - sometimes I'm just dying for the class to come to an end (especially on a Saturday afternoon/early evening!)

I've also started going to this women's gym (Curves). I lost a lot of weight a year or so ago, and I really feel the need to 'tone my body up' a bit! I also need to build up my upper body strength (for yoga) and I'm hoping I can do this here to. It's just circuit-training - 30 minutes on various machines, plus 5-10 minutes stretches at the end. (Which I am religiously doing to make sure I don't lose flexibility!) And 3 times a week - on the way home! I may up it to 4 times a week - see how I go.

I guess if I had a 6-day a week yoga practice I mightn't need to do this, but the fact is I don't! One class a week, plus self-practice (at work) 3 times a week - that seems to be the most I can do ...

Seems good - I'm hoping for good things! (I do better when I'm pushed, rather than having to push myself!!)


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