Sunday, April 15, 2007

I ache all over ... :)

After yesterday's yoga class I am aching all over today! Particularly some (hitherto unknown!) muscles below my shoulder-blades at the front. Owww!! I can only think it relates to something Iain (and Maxine) were reminding me about - particularly in sun salutes but in loads of asanas. And that is to broaden my back (at the same time as dropping my shoulder-blades down my back). Apparently what I've been doing in the past is squeezing my shoulder-blades together, and thus hollowing my back.

Sometimes it feels like you have to think about soo many different things in each asana, Tighten my thigh muscles, widen my hands, lift my chest, drop my shoulders, broaden my back, don't forget the bandhas, ujiyi breathing ... etc etc etc!!

On a completely different note, here's a picture of someone who wanted to join in when my Mum, friend Ross and I went up the coast and out for lunch in the glorious Spirit House restaurant. He/she is a water dragon - a sort of goanna/lizard ... We were sitting beside the lake (I always request that!), and as well as the glorious food they serve there, it's just lovely to sit and enjoy the birds and wildlife there. The waiter told us not to feed the wildlife - apparently the chefs do feed them out the back!!

Anyone coming to Australia, you should make a big effort to go to this wonderful restaurant! You won't be disappointed!! The gardens are glorious, the food is out of this world (Thai-inspired), the ambiance is perfect! (Do I sound like an advertisement for the Spirit House?!!) :)


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