Friday, October 16, 2015

Hello London!

view of back garden from upstairs window

When I arrived in London on Sunday it was after an exhausting 3 flights from Bali, and I really wasn't feeling well. The dreaded cough had come back strong as ever, but luckily I was able to get the necessary drugs (!) from a doctor and after a couple of days on them things are getting a lot better.

This morning I finally made it to yoga at AYL. Lovely to see Hamish's friendly face - and he was on my case immediately! So many assists ... And then - last time I was there (5 years ago) he got me into Marichyasana D (on one side) for the first time ever. That's only happened a couple of times since then, but today he got me into it on both sides! So, even though I can't see it, there has been some (minor!) improvement over the last 5 years!!

Anyway, planning on going again tomorrow, and then on Sunday to meet someone who only goes on Sunday's ...

Yesterday my sister took me to this wonderful exhibition at the Royal Academy, by Ai Wei Wei. Apart from it being a truly wonderful and inspiring exhibition, he is such an inspiring human being! He's had so much thrown at him by the state but he's just stood there, unmoving, unchanging ... Really awe-inspiring.

Now that I'm on my feet again (!) I've been busy trying to organise meet-ups etc. Spending Saturday afternoon with Jo and Emma (nephew and wife) and their two small kiddiwinks which should be lovely. We're also all going to drive to Gloucestershire the weekend after next and visit some other relatives, which should be fun. It seemed like a long stretch of time when I was planning it, but now it's getting squeezed at all ends! Off to Dublin in just under 2 weeks, and then Portugal a couple of days after I get back from there. And then 2-3 days after that trip it's onto the plane for Dubai, and home!

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Globie said...

Welcome back to London Susie


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