Thursday, February 23, 2017

Recovery from the big op!

Today I finally did something I should have done ages ago. I went to the interwebs looking for information on how long it takes to recover from a meningioma operation. (See previous posts if you don't know what I'm talking about!!) I'd been told to expect to be tired for ages, and that this was normal for any brain operation. But - I'd been given a period of 3 months before I could drive again, and somehow I thought that once that 3-month period was over, I would be 100% recovered.

So I couldn't understand why I still feel tired a lot of the time over 4 months after the op. And, spilling over from that, when I've had a tiring day, if I'm not careful it can carry on into the next day. It's been an incredibly hot summer here, and I was wondering if that was the cause of the tiredness, but it didn't seem likely.

Just this week I've had to stop going to a 6.30am yoga class because it was a 40 minute drive away and I realised I just couldn't handle the early start + long drive. At least there is another Mysore class held locally once a week, although still a 6.30am start. And then yesterday in my singing class, (the day after a very tiring day in Brisbane) I once again came over all faint and had to sit down on the floor with a glass of water, feeling rather foolish! (And this is not the first time this has happened since the op!!)

So anyway, today I went to Doctor Google, and there discovered that it can easily take a year before one is completely recovered. One person quoted a doctor as saying 'the mean recovery time was 2 years'. Which means that 50% would take less than 2 years, but 50% would take more!!!

Rather than freaking me out, this was actually a great relief for me! At least this explains what's been happening to me, and I can feel fairly confident that 'this too will pass', if not for a few more months! I can live with that, and can make changes to what I'm doing re yoga classes and singing, to accommodate this. And even hope that eventually I will be able to go back to Christian's yoga class! 


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