Saturday, April 01, 2006

distracting ...

Yoga this afternoon was - hmm, a bit distracting! There were a couple of people there taking photographs (can't remember what for), and although in general I was fine with that, it did sort of take my concentration away a bit ... particularly because I'm actually doing a 6-week digital photography course with LVS online, and so part of me was thinking about focus and F-stops!!! (Which I have never known anything about before, having been just a 'point and click' photographer, but that's another story!!)

But anyway - the fact remains that I was really hopeless in the balancing poses - Utthita hasta padangusthasana was a joke!! (Except for my language!!) However, things did improve when I got to seated. I can bind on one side in Marichyasana B now, to my amazement! Once my left foot/ankle stops hurting from being squashed, I should be able to bind on that side too!! And Marichy C is coming along well too. I can bind on one side, not the other ... It's so nice, after maybe 2 years of nothing happening, to actually see myself moving into poses more deeply.

I've been having fun with the photography course. A bit overwhelmed with all the technical stuff, but still it's been really great. I've been taking my camera (Canon Powershot A520) with me a lot, and taking photos. Of course I have to do this for the course - after the first week when we all just posted stuff we'd done before, now we have to post 2-4 shots a week relating to whatever the lesson was about. The past week's one was on composition - below is one I took on Friday which I'm going to post! I was just driving home and saw the sky - if I hadn't had my camera with me ... !


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