Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New yoga mat

I'm excited - I've just ordered a new Eco-mat from yogamatters.com in the UK. I haven't found anywhere in Australia that sells them, and now some English friends are coming to stay next month and they are going to bring it over for me - yeayy!

The census collecting is going ... and going and going!!! In the delivery phase, 2-3 weeks ago, I came down with some awful virus and ended up being off work for a week! Can't remember ever being sick off work for that long before! And it was right in the middle of the delivery phase - such bad timing! I had to creep out and deliver maybe 10 forms a day! That was all the walking I could manage!!! However, I'm better now, though I do still have a rotten cough that must be very annoying for the people I work with ...

Didn't do any yoga for that week, so I was pretty stiff when I started again. But things are moving again ...

And preparations are going a-pace for the September event with Maharaji. It doesn't seem real yet!


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