Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's been a while!

... since I posted here! Don't know why but here I am back again ...:)  Yoga is good - though I did get a quite bad cold a few weeks ago (first one for years so I guess I shouldn't complain - too much anyway!) And I did have to pull my practice right back for a few days ... Christian told me to concentrate on the breath (which resonates in so many ways!) and not to worry too much about how far I could get in any asana ... I think I'm well on the mend again now, although I do have to admit that after having a day off practice yesterday, I felt incredibly stiff and slow this morning!

Choir and singing have been wonderful! A local friend, also in the choir, came back from overseas a few weeks ago and we have been practicing a bit together. And I'm really thrilled to hear that we're going to sing the Faure Requiem in a concert at the end of November. Have always wanted to sing that and now I'm going to!

Had a friend staying for a few days and managed to do a bit of driving around with her - here are some photos!

Old house outside Eureka

We went to a community arts market in the hills behind Byron - at The Channon, and on the way back we were driving along little country roads and passed this lovely old house. Stopped to take a photo and the owner plus small son appeared from another house nearby. He was using the old house to display furniture he made and gave us a tour!

At the Murwillumbah Regional Art Gallery

Another day we went to the wonderful Murwillumbah Regional Art Gallery - where I always say this view is just as good as the works of art on display ... And below is a selfie taken by another friend who came to join us!

At the Murwillumbah Regional Art Gallery


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