Friday, February 27, 2009

Definitely time!

Definitely time that I posted again! Have been having a few health issues, in that as soon as I stopped taking the antibiotics, the coughing etc. started up again. So I'm back on them until I see the specialist in 10 days time. On reflection, I remember this happened last year when I had that long long period of coughing etc. And I had to keep on the antibiotics for quite a long time. Sigh! Just have to hope that in time the immunoglobulin infusions I'm having will raise my immune system to a level where it can cope with these things in a more normal fashion!!

I missed a bit of yoga last week, but have been back to it this week which is good. Even the doctor said I should be doing yoga for my health! I guess I can let myself off when I'm feeling physically ill, but otherwise not!

At work, in the whole restructure thing is slowing winding down to the end date (20th March). I've now got 2 possible redeployment positions lined up at the university, which is good. I'm leaning more towards one than the other, but will go for interviews for both anyway. We went to a very good 2-day workshop called something like 'Career Transitions' last week. Although we were all a bit jaded and suspicious to start off with, it turned out being really worthwhile, and I learnt a lot! Plus we all gained in confidence, as we were all put through a job interview by the person running the workshop, in front of everyone else. And even though each of us was pretty nervous, the rest of us were able to reassure the person being interviewed that they came across very well, and not at all nervous! It was really eye-opening.

One door closing, another opening ... and so it goes :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yoga at last!

Yes, I made it to class last night. I guess it hasn't been that long, but it seems like ages! Because I'm still coughing quite a lot I decided to only do 3 of each sun salute. And then I just felt my way back through standing, and up to navasana in sitting. I was tired but it felt so good!

I did feel sorry for the people around me though. Class was packed and I was coughing quite a bit! But maybe I'm being over-sensitive / self-conscious ... that's probably true!

Got home (to a complaining kitten wondering when she was ever going to be fed!), had a quick dinner and was in bed by 9.30pm! I was exhausted! And slept like a log - it was hard to wake up this morning. But I'm feeling good, and ready to do yoga again at lunchtime today - as it's one of our work yoga days!

Other news - content for edition 6 of the foame poetry website is flowing in, and it's on track to go live on St David's Day (traditional publication date because the person who set the foame site up is from Wales!) Another website that I quoted on, and which we did the graphic design for about 6 months ago, has finally been signed off on and should be ready to start on in the next week! And there's yet another website waiting to be done after that too! So I should be very busy in my so-called 'spare time' for the next couple of months!! Lucky I really enjoy this sort of work ... :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things are looking up!

I'm definitely feeling better today! Still coughing but apart from that, things are good! Have spent the weekend working on websites (current and upcoming) and watching the cricket. Hoping (fingers crossed!) to get to yoga tomorrow.

And as requested, here are a couple of photos of Jedda, taken today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Consequences and pussycat bravery

One unexpected and unwanted consequence of my holiday was that I caught a cold, which promptly went to my chest and has left me 11 days later still coughing and sniffling (to put it mildly!) Unfortunately I've been told to expect this sort of thing at least until my immunoglobulin levels rise higher in a few months' time. (see latest post on my lymphoma blog for more details if you're interested!)

And one extremely annoying consequence of this is that once again I don't feel I can do any yoga at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to go to class on Saturday afternoon, but I'll just have wait and see!

Sweet pussycat (whose name has now changed to Jedda - from this film about an Aboriginal girl made in the '50s and considered shocking at the time to White Australian society!!) is still going mad, waking me up at 4am wanting to play, etc etc. On the weekend she was introduced to more people and even a little dog! I was working on the 2009 issue of the foame poetry ezine (due out on 1st March - St David's Day) and the editor/owner brought her dog on the Sunday. I was so impressed with Jedda - of course she hid in the bedroom at first, but within 30 minutes she had come down to the living room to investigate this strange creature, and I think the dog ended up being more scared of her than vice versa!!


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