Saturday, February 25, 2006

Busy busy busy ...:)

The last 2 weeks have been sooo busy at work - I just come home and crash out in front of the TV or head in a book. Uni Semester 1 starts on Monday, and typically lecturers leave it till 3 (or less) days before the start to suddenly announce they want all these Blackboard websites created! To top it all, the person I work with has been sick for the past 3 days, and the casual we were getting to come in, rang in sick too! So I was there all by myself yesterday, half the time on the helpdesk phone helping out people who hadn't thought to request their courses yet, and the other half frantically trying to churn out their course profiles in html ... sigh!!

At least it's the weekend. Yoga class this afternoon - hoorayyy! I just managed to find time to do a few sun salutes a couple of lunchtimes during the week, apart from that it's Monday since I last did a proper ashtanga practice ... Ah well, life happens, and yoga is just part of my life. It just has to fit in with what's happening.

Getting back to websites - I'm finding it easier and easier as I go on to use CSS and not use tables for layout. I resent it when I have to use tables (time constraints!) And my freelance webdesign business is going really well. Last year I don't think I did any new websites - just maintenance on various ones. But it's only February now and I'm working on one new website, plus I've got another 2 new ones lined up! Great!! I'm also doing my friend Angela's poetry ezine - It's a yearly thing - this is the 3rd year. The new issue goes live on 1st March ...

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Ups and Downs of one practice

It's odd how you can start one practice (yoga practice that is!) and think "oh, I can tell it's going to be that sort of a practice" and then it changes back and forward! I practiced at lunchtime today at work. By myself - the other two who sometimes come were away in meetings or whatever ... And I was really stiff in sun salutes. (I only went to class on Monday night, so that's less than 2 days ago!) Then the balancing poses were just a disaster! I keep tottering over, couldn't keep my balance ... sigh! So by then I "just knew" what sort of practice it was going to be.

Come the marichyasanas, and Marichyasana C, (which I had been making some progress in - had sensed that it wasn't really impossible and that one day I'd be able to do this ). And then on one side I suddenly thought - "what if I stretch these fingers a tidgy bit more?" - and I touched the other fingers!! I nearly fell over! Only on one side, the other side is miles apart still, but - wow!!!

Moving on and I get to bhakasana (sp? In our shala we're given this as a prep pose till we can do an arm balance and then we swap it for bhujapidasana). So I've been having problems with this one too. I'd finally just managed to get 2 feet off the ground at the same time, and then I fell out of it a few weeks ago. Now I feel very unsafe - my legs wobble on my arms and I'm scared to try and take my feet off the ground. Last week in class I got the teacher to go through it with me. But now I've forgotten again how and where to balance my legs so they feel secure! So I guess I'll have to wait till I go to class again and get him to go through it with me again!!! I'm a slow learner!!

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