Thursday, November 13, 2014

Musings on Ikea!

Even though I do like their 'stuff', right now I'd like to completely expunge the word 'Ikea' from my life! A couple of times I've had to go to the Ikea store on the way into Brisbane, and it's just a nightmare!! I don't know why, but whenever I've been there for a short while I just want to turn around and escape, run straight home without passing Go, or doing whatever else it was I was supposed to be doing that day!!

And now I'm in the middle of trying to make changes to an existing (very nice!) Ikea kitchen in my new house ... It ought to be easy, but ... I need to add some extra storage (I think the kitchen was designed/installed by a guy and there is way too little cupboard space!). And I also have to move a cupboard so I can put a dishwasher next to the sink (where it has to be according to the plumber!) And OK, a bit of fiddling around by a builder/carpenter to put the extra cupboards under another completely different, higher benchtop. But it took me a while to find/get hold of a recommended person who can be trusted to do this. And then I discover the doors on my existing kitchen are no longer made by Ikea so I also have to replace those doors! And I have to hope that the existing handles have not run out of stock before I get there, as they are also threatening to discontinue them!

I've arranged to go there tomorrow and collect everything with a friend who has a ute (Australian for utility truck!), as despite what the builder said I just know this will not fit into my small Toyota!! So I'm feverishly checking and re-checking my list of what is needed according to the builder. It's well over an hour's drive away so I'd rather not have to keep going back to collect forgotten/replacement items!!

Apart from that - still loving the new place and location. Not loving my seeming inability to get myself to the yoga shala very much. The last time I went I told the teacher I was going to try and come 2-3 times a week. And that was 3-4 weeks ago and I haven't made it back!! Somewhat embarrassing!! I am practicing at home most days, but I know I'm not pushing myself hard enough ... sigh! Hopefully I will get a good routine going in the not too distant future!

Had family visiting last weekend, we went swimming, to one of the local Farmers' Markets, and out for a lovely tapas meal in Byron Bay. And there's another 2-3 lots of visitors booked in before mid-December which is great.


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