Friday, February 17, 2012

It's been so long!!

Don't know why - combination of reasons I guess! Nothing much to say - v busy at work - then fighting off some kind of virus ... But finally I'm back here! And one of the things that has happened in the past month or so is I've finally got a new pussycat - from the RSCPA shelter.

Very pretty - she has some oriental in her as you can tell by her big ears and sweet-shaped face ... I've named her Sansa - after one of the two young Stark sisters in the wonderful SF epic by George RR Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire. I've been listening to these books on audio for months now! I'm up to - I think it's the 5th book - Part 2 of a Storm of Swords. So addictive ... :)

Anyway, Sansa is not really my favourite character - that would be Arya, her younger tomboy sister. But really - I don't want a tomboy cat at all! Sansa is the sweet pretty one who believes in chivalry and knights and fairytales! So I'm channelling that sort of behaviour towards my new little friend - without a huge amount of success I have to admit so far! I had really wanted to get a cat this time, not a kitten.  But after I'd kind of fallen in love with this young cat, it turned out she was only 6 months old and has quite a lot of kitten still in her! As evidenced by her insistence on wanting to play at biting my toes at 4am, races from one end of the house to the other at breakneck (mine as well as hers!) speed, etc etc!! The RSPCA people said they didn't think she'd grow much bigger as she's already had kittens (?!!) - but that's good coz I like small cats. And hopefully the kitten stage will pass soon (she says wistfully!)

Anyway - what else?! A friend who I often practice yoga with on Sunday mornings invited me to a DVD screening of 'Yogawomen' at a yoga shala in Ipswich where I live last Saturday evening. We had quite a fun evening, but really it was too American for me. Lots of how wonderful women were (I know that already!!) and not enough yoga practice!

I've been sick for the last week or so - just feeling exhausted. Too tired to go to my Saturday afternoon class so that is really something! I managed to drag myself into work every day, and I did manage to do 30 minutes of yoga most lunchtimes. And now today (Friday) - the end of the week when I'd expect to be tired - I woke up feeling refreshed and full of energy!! Halleluyah!!!

Here's another picture of young Sansa ...


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