Tuesday, January 23, 2007

back to class ...

Went back to class last Saturday for the first time for a month. They'd been closed for a month - a richly deserved holiday for the yoga teachers!! Anyway, even though I'd been practicing a bit, I could hardly walk the next day I was so stiff! Muscles I'd completely forgotten about speaking loudly to me ... Luckily it was a hot Sunday and all I had to do was collapse and watch one of the one-day matches on TV.

Even hotter now - 34degC I think. So I'm glad to be at work in the air-con ...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Apricot jam, and music, and the environment, and cricket ...

Back home after a lovely lazy fun-filled holiday! Down at my Mum's in NSW we celebrated Christmas on the Saturday (23rd) as the relatives couldn't come on Christmas Day ...


And on Christmas day we had a quiet day and ended up making Apricot Jam with the apricots from Mum's tree - which was completely laden! Such a nice thing to do (and it is delicious!!)

Then it was back on the plane and up to Woodford ... Here are a few photos ...
street scene

Flamenco Fire

Afro Dizziac playing

Street Performer outside the Circus tent

"Seagulls" at the Woodford cricket match, stealing food!!

Saw/heard some wonderful music, dancing, even a demo of Capoeira which is just incredible! If I wasn't doing Ashtanga I'd be really tempted to have a go at that ... Saw Tim Freedman (singer from The Whitlams), Po' Girl (a Canadian group), John Butler Trio - and heaps of others.

It was great to collapse in the village green area and find a Woodford cricket match going on! Complete with Tony Greig (sound-alike!) commentator! All the kids were joining in - and then these street performing 'seagulls' appeared and having interfered with the ball in the game, then decided to wander through the crowd and try and steal their food (chips etc!!) Hilarious!!! (I won't mention the 55+-year-old male streaker that appeared! Some things should be left unsaid - and unseen!!!)

And one of the (many!) really great things was getting a chance to hear Bob Brown (Australian Green Senator) speak a couple of times. He is such a wonderful speaker, and is so clear on the importance of our environment. Everyone there - we all wanted him to be the next Prime Minister of Australia! One thing he said really stuck with me. That when people say that the economy will go to pieces if we put the environment first, to remember that when women were trying to get the vote, everyone then said that if women got the vote it would be disastrous for the economy. And how ridiculous is that now!!! He also said that suffragettes fought for many many years to get the vote, but eventually they succeeded. And we have to be like that about the environment.


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