Monday, October 06, 2014

News from South Golden Beach

Once again it's way past time for me to post here! And now it's like, so much has happened - where to start?! Well, first of all, I'm all moved into my amazingly wonderful new home! The study is still a 'dump area' but everything else is mostly unpacked/sorted. A few things need doing, like extra kitchen cupboards, overhead fans and more powerpoints, but that'll happen over the next few weeks/ months. And I sit in my living room or on the back deck, and think - how did I get so lucky!!

A friend came down to visit from Brisbane yesterday and insisted on rearranging all the furniture in the living room! I have to say he was completely right - there is now nothing blocking the lovely view through the front glass doors/window. But I had really liked the way it looked before and need to get my head around the new layout!! He did promise to come back in a week or two and help put it back or change it if I wanted ... but I don't expect that will be necessary!

I had my first visitors staying for the weekend last week, and more are booked in for next  month, including my nephew Peter and his wife Tammy. And there are people on the roof right now installing solar panels! I always said that when I moved/bought a new house I would include in my calculations the cost of solar panels, and now it's happening! Although the roof is partly shaded from some big trees, I should get enough sun on them to reduce my electricity bills to either nothing, or a very low figure! And I feel great that I'm also doing my small something to contribute to helping the environment. A win-win situation!!

Health-wise I went for a check-up with my specialist in Brisbane and everything is completely fine! In fact we spent most of the appointment talking about my new house - and he had also bought a place about 20 minutes away a few months ago that he comes to every weekend, so we were comparing notes about how much we loved the area!

The one thing that has suffered over the past few weeks is my yoga practice! There were so many interruptions, and strangely I did find this move much more exhausting than the one from my old house to my rented place! So there were days when I felt too tired to do anything - or just managed 2-3 sun salutes! It's amazing how quickly you (I) can lose strength! But things are getting better now, and I am hoping to start going to classes at Dena's shala in Byron Bay in the coming week ...


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