Thursday, October 23, 2008

How people find this blog

It's really interesting - ever since I put the 'feedjit' widget onto this blog that shows where/how people have come to visit the blog, I've seen people arriving on a particular post I made nearly 3 years ago when I was in India - Butterfruit Milkshake (aka Avocado) - Yum. Anytime I look at the blog, there's almost always one or two visitors who've come to that page via a Google search for the word 'butterfruit'.

It's so strange - who'd have thought people would be searching for that and ending up on a blogpost I made 3 years ago about a wonderful milkshake!! I bet they're pretty surprised when they do get here <grin>

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yoga - or lack of it!

It's been weeks since I've dared do any yoga - not since the disastrous occasion when doing downdogs in surya namaskara A gave me a coughing fit that lasted for hours and hours. I'm still not better, and although I miss it so much, I really don't dare do anything until I'm completely better. I just cannot put myself through that again ...

I guess if I wasn't so tied to the ashtanga type of yoga I might find it easier to pick and choose poses that mightn't bring it on again. But, even though I do sometimes leave different poses out for one reason or another, in this situation it would be such a radical change that I can't bring myself to try. It just wouldn't be - ashtanga? right? I don't know ... :)

Anyway - I went to see my specialist last week for my regular 3-monthly check-up - blogged about it on my lymphoma blog. All good!

After my busy busy weekend last week, I'm having a really nice quiet weekend - doing pretty much nothing. Staying home, reading, (writing blog posts!), maybe a bit of gardening. It's nice ... The litter of Abyssinian kittens that I'm going to have one of, were born about a month ago. I had been thinking of going to see them this weekend, but maybe next weekend I will ...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Choirs, family Sunday lunches, etc

Well, it's a case of same old same old, as far as my health (sinusitis / 'post viral cough') is concerned. I decided to stop blogging about it coz it's just too boring, and doesn't get you anywhere! I've been to the doctor 4 times now and can't say much is improved! I do have my 3-monthly appointment with my specialist next week and it would be wonderful if he had some magic solution that could fix everything! But I don't expect so ... I just think it's a matter of time. So, that's it - until I do really get rid of it, that is! Then I'll be shouting from the rafters!

Last night was the big choir concert. We did a Haydn Mass and Te Deum, and Britten's St Nicholas. My cousin and Aunt who are visiting from Africa and England, both came and really enjoyed it. Today they came over for a picnic lunch at my place, along with some other Brisbane relatives (who they are staying with). We had a lovely time - what a Sunday should be: relaxing with friends and relations, not being busy rushing out shopping or whatever.

Tomorrow night I am determined to go to the Bach choir rehearsal for the Messiah. I missed the first one last week, and you can only miss one if you want to sing it!

Apart from that, very unpleasant things are happening at my work. I don't think I'm going to blog about it all yet, but it will all come out sooner or later! (This post would be way too long if I started on about it all now!)


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