Sunday, July 10, 2005

Windy Ekka weather

Only people who live in Brisbane will know what that means! In Australia, all the capital cities still have big Agricultural fairs/shows – and they’re a public holiday for people who live there. In Sydney it’s the Royal Easter Show. In Brisbane it’s the Brisbane Exhibition – known colloquially as the Ekka! It’s in early August, but the month or so around then are usually really windy – and that’s always known as Ekka weather. Not the sort of day to spend much time outside!

At yoga yesterday I got 2 new poses – kurmasana and supta kurmasana. I’m thrilled! Note I have not linked to supta kurmasana. It just seems completely ridiculous to imagine that I could ever do this!!! Though I guess I thought that about hasta padangusthasana which 3-4 years later I can do, even though not completely properly. Practicing at least 4 times a week (twice at class, and twice at work during lunchhour) has made a big difference to my practice.. My balancing is getting a lot better, and having straight legs in navasana has been a big boost to me. Yeah, I know it’s not a competition, but I have to say it does make me feel good! Specially when there’s so much else that I still can’t do!!

Off to meet my ex in a bookshop (Avid Reader) in Brisbane … I absolutely cannot spend any money!!!



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