Sunday, July 17, 2005

INFP ... "I dig my heels in and won't budge from my ideals"!!

Been a few days since I wrote. I went to a 2 day course from work last week - on Communication Skills! One of the main reasons I'd wanted to go on this was because you do the Myers-Briggs personality test and I've always wanted to do that! Turns out I'm an INFP - which is worked out like this:

Energy line:
Between Extrovert and Introvert I'm an Introvert (anyone who knows me knows that!!)
How I perceive things line:
Between Sensate and Intuitive, I'm Intuitive
Decision-making line:
Between Thinking and Feeling, I'm at the Feeling end
And the Structure line:
Between Judgemental and Perceiving, I'm more on the Perceiving side.

It was all really interesting! Once we'd been given the results, we were put into 3 groups and sent off to work out our design for a new university for 20 minutes. Couldn't quite work out the groupings at the time, but unbeknownst to us we'd been grouped according to our personality types, and it was quite amazing the way the results turned out! My group spent 20 minutes talking about the big picture, and ethical issues. Another group spent the whole time working on systems and rules and workplace issues. And the third one spent about 5 minutes working out how to keep staff happy, and then finished and when the convenor walked past, were busy doing deals on the side for freelance work!! We were all doing exactly what our personality types do!!

Anyway, it was a very interesting 2 days. Nice to be lifted out of my normal worklife too ... :)

Apart from that, I had to pay for my ticket on Friday - scarey!! But Singapore Airlines is going to put on some more fuel taxes next week, so this was the only way to avoid them! I'm already having to pay about $480 in taxes - can you believe it!!!

Yoga - been a bad week I'm afraid. I went to class on Monday evening, and did lunchtime yoga on Tuesday. But wasn't able to do any more during the week. Hopefully I'll manage to do some this afternoon, and then back to class tomorrow evening. I'll be really stiff at class if I don't do some today, that's for sure!



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