Thursday, July 07, 2005


Thought I could cross another thing off my list of things to do, but turns out getting a mammogram was never on it ...:)

Still haven't found someone to housesit the house and Mieke (pussy cat) but I've put an ad in the University News, and sent blanket emails around. Hopefully someone will turn up.

Did yoga at lunchtime yesterday - I was the only one doing it (again!) Just did an hour, and took it easy as I was feeling a bit off. I'll do it again at lunchtime tomorrow, and then go to my normal Saturday afternoon class.

Still hanging out for iTMS to be released for Australia! A few weeks ago there were big announcements in the press - Russell Crowe had let something slip. But it all got put on hold because one of the aussie music companies decided to hold out. If that hadn't been announced and got us all excited I probably wouldn't mind so much, but it really pisses me off now. Mind you - probably a good thing it's not available yet. The temptation to download song after song would be extreme!!

Oh and another thing (this was crossed off the list!) On Monday night after class I went and spoke to the choir conductor for the choir I sing The Messiah with each Christmas. I've been worried coz I won't get back till about halfway through the rehearsal period for this year's performance, and wasn't sure that he'd allow me to join in just 2 weeks before a performance. But luckily, my enthusiasm won the day and he agreed! i've got the alto part on my iPod and will copy the music (words) and sing it to myself while I"m on holiday! I have done this before for a different choir concert, so know I can/will do it!! Singing in The Messiah every year is a big highlight for me - I just love it!! I think my Mum might be coming up from NSW to hear it this time ...


Wendy said...

Hi Susie,
Looking forward to hearing you singing and seeing you. Not long now. Maharaji will be here at Wembley on Sunday week and I am going to go see him, I will be off work after that until the end of treatment as I am getting weaker now and am hoping to make the transition from being sick to being well. Seeing Maharaji will be a great way to start the process.
Speak soon
Be well
Wendy M

Wendy said...

Hi Suzie,
Just wanted to let you know that I havnt blown up (have you seen the news?). I may have some problems getting home from work today tho'
Still in one piece


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