Monday, July 25, 2005

Got my air tickets !!

They arrived at work today!! Wowww! Is that scarey or what?! I worked out that it's 8½ weeks till I stop work, 10 weeks tomorrow till I fly to London ... Lauren who I work with is going to housesit my house and Miss Mieke Pussycat (see sweet photo of her). So that issue is sorted!

8½ weeks also means it's 9 weeks till the event with Maharaji -woohoo! Can't wait! I'm running an internet centre at that - I'm sure there's stuff I should be doing now for that!! And Wendi and Jack (from Portugal) will be arriving in about 5 weeks - god it's all rushing up at me!! I really need to get focussed and - yes, write another list <.grin>

Flew down to Sydney on Friday - met Mum at the tax accountants, and then met Johm, Jo and Peter for lunch nearby. Great to see them all again - I guess it'll be Christmas till we meet up again. Then Mum and I drove down to Bowral (countryside) for the rest of the weekend. Had a lovely quiet, not too cold weekend. Wasn't able to regale people at work with my usual horror stories of Bowral winter - frozen water in the bird-bath etc!

Class (ashtanga) tonight - really looking forward to that. It's been 2 weeks since I went to an actual class.



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