Thursday, December 04, 2008

Immune system gone missing!

Sigh! I checked with my GP the results of a blood test I had done recently (my specialist being overseas for a couple of weeks) and it appears that my immunoglobulin levels are seriously low. They are an essential part of one's immune system. Unfortunately that probably means that I can't get out of what he (the specialist) predicted I'd need to have - monthly 'infusions' of gamma-globulin for at least a year! Double sigh!

It all makes sense - in the last month or so I've been on antibiotics twice, and each time have been feeling great when I've been on them, but a few days after coming off, I'd start coughing at night again etc. I'm 10 days off antibiotics right now and am feeling OK in the daytime but coughing and having sore throats etc at night. My white blood count is down again too, but this is probably because they've having to do so much work fighting off infection.

Anyway, I've got a prescription for enough antibiotics now to last me till I see my specialist on the 17th December. And then we shall see what he has to say (as if I didn't know!)

Oh well - it could of course be a lot worse. And at least when I get back onto the antibiotics I'll start feeling better again, so that's good!


Susan C said...

I"m glad they found out the explanation for your coughing and other symptoms.

susiegb said...

Yeah, but can't say I like the idea of having to traipse off to the hospital at 7.30am once a month to have stuff dripped into me before I go to work!!

I thought I was done with that (foolishly!!)


Ronni Gordon said...

Triple sigh.

I never knew about immunoglobulin levels. If it's not one thing, it's another. But at least, as you said, it could be a lot worse, and the antibiotics and infusions will make you feel better!

Yacht Envy said...

And another sigh!! But glad to hear they have found the reason for your coughing, hang in there.


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