Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Party organising

It's been a very busy week so far, but I managed to fit in some yoga at lunchtime today - that was so nice!

Now I'm surrounded by lists of dishes to cook, things to buy, things to borrow, things to do, etc etc. I'm having a Christmas BBQ lunch this Sunday and it's suddenly rushing up on me! I keep inviting people and I should have stopped a little while ago I think! There won't be enough chairs now - oh well, people can sit on the floor if they need to sit!

I'm borrowing glasses from work and my cousin is bringing extra cutlery! I was going to borrow plates too but suddenly thought last night - really, with 20+ people coming, we can just have plastic plates and throw them away! The dishwasher would have to be going continuously otherwise!!

On Monday night I went to a friend's graduation ceremony. Then yesterday lunchtime was a big secret party for our boss whose birthday is next week but he'll be on holiday! We wanted to thank him for all he's done for us over the years, but particularly over the past few weeks/months with the big 'restructure' (aka getting rid of 75% of our group) that is going on. I told my Mum about how wonderful he's been, always doing the best for his staff, and she (an ex-army wife) said - well, he was in the army wasn't he (he was!) - an officer always looks after his 'men'! So very true ...

(I haven't blogged about all this yet and I think I'll still leave it for a while! Don't want to dwell on negativity when I'm not feeling like that at all! It will all come out soon - we've got till the end of February at the moment!)


Ronni Gordon said...

Wow. That sounds like a lot of stuff to do.

I just picked up a magazine by the editors of Yoga Journal called "Yoga at Home." I haven't given it a good look, but I think it has some good stuff in it. I got it at Whole Foods. Do you have a Whole Foods there? If you are interested, I see that it says at the bottom of each page.

Susan C said...

Have fun in all your party going and party prep.

I hosted a party for more than 40 women last Feb. I also hate to use disposables, so I found these great reusable plastic plates from Target - on sale for about 50 cents each. I loan them out to friends who are having a big party, bring them on picnics, throw them in the dish washer. They're holding up well.


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