Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm getting a new abyssinian kitten! I went and saw her a few weeks ago when she was only about 4 weeks old - so cute! This is a not very good photo I took of her then - she was being held by the breeder. I wasn't allowed to touch her at that time - I guess she hadn't had any vaccinations yet. Her name is Saffron - Saffie for short.

I had been going to pick her up the weekend before Christmas and fly her down to NSW with me to stay at my Mum's for Christmas. It seemed like a good idea when I thought of it months ago. I have 2 weeks off over Christmas and will be spending the first week down in NSW. But as the time has approached I have been wondering if this is really such a good idea after all - mostly for her! Being picked up by a new person, and about 24 hours later being put in a plane and going to yet another new place! anyway, the breeder has agreed to hold onto her until I come back (with some relief on both of our parts!) so I'm going to collect her on my way home from the airport!

My health has been mostly OK, although I seem to have started coughing again at night which is extremely boring to say the least! I don't know who I can complain to now! But I'm still OK in the daytime (touch wood!). I've been doing yoga and going to the Curves gym 3 times a week, which I'm pleased about. I do know that exercise is good for your health, and immune system generally. I haven't started going back to class (yoga) yet. I was going to go today but ended up getting spaced out doing Christmas shopping and didn't get it together. I think I will probably have to leave it till next year now - I could only go next Saturday now, as the following ones are going to be busy busy busy!

It's funny, normally I'm not very social at Christmas but this year I seem to have been invited to heaps of Christmas 'dos' - starting tomorrow evening! And I'm having a Christmas BBQ lunch myself in a couple of weeks too! Mostly some people from work, family and a few other friends. Should be nice.


Susan C said...

Your new Abyssinian is a cutie.

I just found out that my grey cat's breed is Norwegian Forest. I'll have to get her a Viking hat.

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad your days are busy with good stuff, and congratulations on the new kittie. She looks sooooo cute. By the way my friend Mieke was here the other day looking at the blogs I follow, and she was interested to see that she shared a name with your Mieke who is in cat heaven. My friend is from Holland. Probably a lot more Miekes over there.

susiegb said...

Re Mieke - I did notice from your blog that you had a friend with that name. I was going to comment on it ... I named Mieke-pussycat after a Dutch woman I new when I was living in London! Even though I/we didn't get Mieke till we were back living in Australia, it just seemed like a nice 2-syllable name! Still love that pussycat ... :)


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