Monday, December 29, 2008

Back home + new kitten

Family Christmas scene
Back home after a nice Christmas down at my Mum's. Ate lots of wonderful food (too much of course!) and enjoyed good company! This photo was from the Saturday Christmas lunch (the 2nd one!) - typical Aussie Christmas. Everyone collapsed reading their presents, and/or watching the Boxing Day Test Match (cricket) ...

The weather was pretty dismal for the first few days I was down there - I can somehow never remember how cold it can get in Bowral at Christmas! In Queensland it's usually heat wave conditions, and so when I pack I manage to remember to throw in a pair of jeans, cardigan and a couple of long-sleeved teeshirts and think that will do it. Wrong! On Christmas Eve we took the dog to the dog park (off-leash area) before going on to some friends for drinks. It was drizzling, cold and the grass was wet. No one there could believe I'd come down with only sandals to wear. I don't wear any other shoes in summer!! And so my feet and sandals got progressively wetter and wetter! And the people we were going to were not the sort where you could kick off your shoes and go barefoot!

But I don't/didn't mind, really! I had a lovely time. Managed to do some yoga a couple of times. Peter, my nephew, told me that his work was offering staff yoga and he was enjoying that. Can't remember what sort - definitely not ashtanga. I guess that'd leave people a bit too sweaty to go back to their desks!!

new kittenAnd then yesterday I collected the new kitten on my way home from the airport. (No, it wasn't on the way at all unless I had moved north of Brisbane, but ...) She spent a couple of hours hiding behind the sofa and/or fridge, but then got bolder and ventured out. By the time it was bed-time she was ready to snuggle in my bed! Right now she wants to help me type this blog! I'm sure I'm going to be exhausted running after her for the next few weeks!


Susan C said...

That is the cutest kitty ever. Love those ears. (The better to hear you with, my dear.)

Is there a traditional Christmas food your family prepares? A Perth food blog I read (food pornographer) threw shrimp on the barbie.

Yogamum said...

That is a gorgeous kitty! She looks like a wildcat!!

susiegb said...

Abyssinian ... the kitty I mean, not the food!

We do tend to 'do' seafood at Christmas here in Aus. It's a bit hot to be 'slaving over the stove' on Christmas Day usually! We had a lobster, prawn and alabama (?!) sauce dish with rice on Christmas Day actually (3 of us) and then on the 2nd, family celebration we had a wonderful salmon/sour cream tart/pie with salade provencal, followed by a hazelnut meringue 'torte' with whipped cream and a blackberry coulis. (You can maybe tell that my mum is a French cook of some considerable talent!)

Now I have to work at loosing all those kilos!!!

Ursula said...

Nothing describes Christmas better than your picture.

The only difference to us in Germany: we wear long sleeves.

Thanks for making me smiling.

Happy New Year.


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