Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yoga and travel dreams

Went to yoga class yesterday evening. Another really nice class. All this year, since I started back, it's been a bit 'stop and start', what with one thing or another. And I've been holding back on doing some asanas until I'd got more strength back. Last night I decided to (mostly) stop doing that and do all the poses I've been given. So I've put back garba pindasana, and my attempts at supta kurmasa (laughable attempts!) It felt good ... R helped me with shoulderstand - getting my elbows closer together. Felt completely different!!

I've been enjoying reading blog posts from Mysore - quite a few people with blogs on ashtangi.net are there at the moment. Sounds so lovely, I wonder when/whether I'll ever get there?! Not on my next overseas trip I don't think ... though I'm thinking of trying to incorporate a yoga workshop in Bali or Thailand on the way there or back, when I do go. All still a dream at the moment of course. I'm saving like mad (or trying to!), hoping to go sometime next year. Time will tell I guess ...:)

In the meantime I'm enjoying life, pottering in the garden and playing with websites. And trying to organise a Sunday lunch at my place in the next few weeks. Time I pushed myself out there again and socialised a bit!!


Arturo said...

Hi Susie
From your part of the world it should be a hop and a skip to get to Mysore, I reckon. Hope you can go there. (I'm sounding like a folksy American, ain't I? It's laughable, I'm sure.)


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