Friday, August 01, 2008

Holidays do energise you!

I came back from a week away last weekend, feeling energised and ready to take on lots - re-start old stalled projects (eg the garden!) and everything. And after a week at work I'm still feeling good which is great!

We had the 2nd meeting of our book club on Thursday evening - this time it was held at my place. A few people couldn't come but there were still 5 of us sitting round the fire and having a great time talking about Life of Pi. It was really interesting how different people picked up on different things and glossed over others! I guess when people read, it is to a certain extent filtered through our own life experiences and likes/dislikes. 3 people had made notes and/or printed stuff off the internet, and two of us (me and Georgina!) had read the book weeks ago and that was all! But still it turned out we all had lots to say, and it was a very enjoyable evening.

Today we had our lunchtime yoga group at work. I normally do my ashtanga practice while the others follow a video. But this time, for some reason I decided to join in with the DVD they were playing - one by Rodney Yee. It was quite fun to do for a change, but I'm not going to make a habit of that!

Still haven't quite finished that little website I was doing. Somehow the domain name has gotten 'lost' - floating in the ethers somewhere! I originally registered this on behalf of a client, and then a couple of months ago I transferred it to the client. Or so I thought! Now it's not in my name at the registrant place, but not in the client's name there either. And when I do a whois search, it is still in my name!! Hopefully this farce will get sorted out very soon!!



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