Sunday, August 31, 2008

gardening, Facebook - Dungeons & Dragons

Found myself sitting at the computer googling earthworms (for the garden!) and thought - I must post here! Don't ask me what the connection is ... :)

It's a wonderful time for gardening - I know it'll be too hot in a couple of months, so am really enjoying diving in at the moment! Amazing how quickly the weather changes. Last weekend I was sitting in front of the combustion (wood-burning) stove wearing many layers. Today I'm in teeshirt and 3/4 length pants with all the doors open and it was almost too hot to work outside in the middle of the day! Spring has definitely sprung!

Since Scrabulous has disappeared off Facebook I've just discovered something else there to amuse me when I'm at work, or sitting in front of the computer. Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures. It is curiously addictive, so beware anyone who has a go!! (I think you just have to seach for it in Facebook -> Applications)

Yesterday at yoga class I was distinctly hot again! In summer it's like a sauna at the shala. Winter not so warm - it's really a big drafty community hall, so hard to keep warm. It was good in class, although I think my shoulderstand wasn't quite as good as last time - I did feel a bit of pressure at the top of my neck. But I do think my hips are opening a bit again. Ever since I started back (January) I've felt completely jammed up in the hips. But a few weeks ago I started doing that 'thread the needle' pose (god knows what it's called) as a hip opener, and I do believe it's starting to show results - thank goodness!



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