Sunday, August 10, 2008

dirty hands clean heart

Have been having a very enjoyable weekend out in the garden! I 'recovered' an old vegetable bed that had been unused and covered in tussocky grass for years. Well, I've cleared half of it anyway! the next half will have to wait till next weekend! I got in some organic soil, some compost and cow manure and spread it all over the bed, dug it in a bit, watered it and am now leaving it for a couple of weeks to settle in! Then I'll get planting!

And I did some weeding, compost-making, general clearing up! Feels great to be back in the garden! Spring is coming very soon, and come December it'll be too hot to spend much time at all doing things in the garden, except if I get up at 6am!! So now is the time to be out there!

Yoga on Saturday was wonderful! I had to be careful of my 'wound' where they pulled the portacath out. It's got internal and external stitches. The internal ones will melt away but the external ones have to be taken out at the end of next week.

But I digress - I wasn't sure what might be a problem, just felt it out. And, particularly in the sun salutes, it was one of those practices where everything just flowed. I so enjoyed it! I did have to be careful in chataranga (or my feeble attempt at that!) but that worked out and it was only when I got to setu bandhasana that I got a 'no! stop!!' message from my body!

Now that the Olympics are on again I'm getting glued to the TV again - at least I'm able to draw the line at watching weight-lifting!! The opening ceremony didn't start till 9.45pm on Friday night here ... I watched it for a while, swapping between watching and reading my book off and on! It was beautiful - that scroll of paper idea was amazing! But really it's not the sort of thing I can sit and watch for however long it took. I didn't even watch all of the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony ... I'm looking forward to seeing some of the gymnastics, and the diving though. And, go the Olyroos!! (Australian Olympic 'football'/soccer team :)



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