Friday, October 21, 2005


Wendi and Missilu at the Tavira market! Back in London now, but had such a sweet time in Portugal. Went with Wendi, Elena and Missilu (and Pascal) to the beach one day (far too cold to swim, though I saw with horror some English holiday-makers in bikinis - shiver!!) Went to a lovely gallery where the owners make these stunning frames specially for each picture that is shown/sold there. Even went to the movies last night in Faro - saw The Grimm Brothers (luckily it was in English, with Portuguese subtitles, not the other way round!)

At the market in the picture I got some honey (from the Carob tree flowers!) for Judy and Charles. Hopefully it will just have a slight caroby taste! Ate loads of local olives - yum! Wendi and Jack have olive trees and carob trees in their little wild valley. Such a lovely place ...

And tomorrow - probably my last practice at Hamish's ...



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