Wednesday, October 05, 2005

At Singapore airport!

Probably won't post this till I get to London (tomorrow morning) but here I am sitting in Changi Airport typing away on my lovely Mac laptop! It all seems to have happened so fast - one minute I was fiddling around at home trying to get myself together, nd now here I am. They have these terminals dotted around where you can get 15 minutes free web access, so I sent an email or two ...

Had a few panicked minutes yesterday when my workmate who is supposed to be housesitting (my house, and more particularly my cat!) seemed to be incommunicado, but it all sorted out. She came round this morning (complete with Playstation and huge TV) and hopefully is happily asleep there now, probably with Mieke pussycat wondering what's going on. She (Mieke) will no doubt be sleeping on the bed with her very soon. As long as she gets fed and some affection she'll be happy.

Saw a couple of premies at Brisbane airport - one going to KL and an event there, and the other back to South Africa, and thence to the Mauritius event! In one way I could wonder about my focus, but no, I'm fine about it now. I really wanted to go to London and visit friends and family - it's been 7 years since I was there. However,I will never again try to add on going to an event at the end of a planned holiday. (I had thought I was going to an event in India in the early part of November, but of course he's moved the dates to the end of the month, and I have to be bck at work on the 14th November - god was I freaked out when I discovered that!) In future I'll make the event the main focus, and add a holiday to that. Lesson learned, I hope! (It's the second time this has happened to me.)

Did manage to do some sun salutes this morning while I was waiting for Lauren - that was the first 'bit' of yoga I've done for about 8 days. I'm aiming to go to Hamish Hendry's on Thursday - and expect to be very stiff after that (big grin)

(later - got excited when soem guys came up to say that my flight woudl have wireless access in-flight! They gave me a card to get 30 minutes free access, but when I tried (somehwere over India!) it didn't work. Ah well - another excuse to have to go to the big Apple shop in London and ask questions!)



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