Wednesday, October 12, 2005

London days ...

Had a lovely day in London today. Started off with yoga at Hamish's - really nice. Then came home, had a shower and breakfast and couldn't figure out what to wear. I mean, this is London in October right? Should be grey skies, cold etc. But I ended up going out in a teeshirt and jeans and sandals! (with a jumper just in case, which I never needed!)

Met my friend Wendy for lunch - and she's just the same! It must be at least 7 years since I saw her, but she's one of those special friends who you just pick up with where you left off. (The other Wendi is the same!) We sat and nattered away for ages till she had to go back to work. We're meeting again on Sunday - going to some East End markets!!

In the afternoon I was supposed to meet up with Debbie (who I'd met at yoga in Bangalore 3 years ago). But we missed each other - I'd gone into a museum (the Handel museum) and had to turn my mobile off. But we're now going to meet up next week. She is very jealous about me gong to Hamish's shala! Apparently there is a waiting list to go. I guess coz I'm an overseas visitor, and I emailed to ask if I could, that makes a difference!

The Handel museum was really interesting - and I was amazed to discover that Jimi Hendrix had lived there for a while back in 1969!! Also picked up a flyer about a candlelight concert at St Martin-in-the-Fields, with Haydn's Nelson Mass, plus some Handel pieces! I'm going to go - my choir sang the Nelson Mass a year or two ago, and as the dates work it just seems right!

I realise I haven't said anything about my weekend in Dublin - perhaps I will later!



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