Tuesday, November 01, 2005

India at last - and Diwali!

Oh I've been soo slack! 11 days since I last posted! And now there's so much to say, which has also been putting me off - where to start?! I've left my journal at the flat too, (just 10 mins walk away) so I think I'll jump right in and say - I'm in India!! I'll do some other posts about the earlier bits - maybe tomorrow!

So here I am in Bangalore, on the last stage of my trip. I've got (or had when I arrived) 14 days here. So, for all you ashtanga purists, that is why I'm not in Mysore (much as I would like to be!) but in Bangalore instead, doing class with Vishwanath, who is Pattabhi Jois' nephew, and who trained with him (at the same time as Manju was training with him!) back in the 70s.

Got here early on Friday morning (28th Nov?) - like 1.15am!! Got myself to the yoga flat (where the yoga students stay) sometime in the middle of that day, and have now got myself nicely settled in. We had one asana class on Saturday (he takes Sunday as his rest day) and then today has been a Diwali holiday. So tomorrow morning will be the next asana class - can't wait! I did do sun salutes in my room this morning, but that was as far as I got. We also do a pranayama class each day.

I's great to be back in India. There's something so wild yet wonderful about it! Although I do feel I could have chosen a better time to come than Diwali week! As I've said in a few emails - when Diwali is celebrated in countries other than India, it is a lovely peaceful festival with coloured lights and candles, and a few fireworks. Here it is just FULL ON FIREWORKS (and the lights, but no candles!) From about 6am to 11pm! Constantly! And the vast majority are crackers. So it's 'bang bang bang' all day and all night!!! Ah well - just that crazy Indian spirit I guess!

more later ...



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