Monday, May 07, 2012

Yoga in ugg boots!

Oh I am so pissed off! How can the content of two posts have disappeared -except for the title and tags!! Going between BlogPress and editing in Safari ... Sigh!! I am going to try and construct/update them now ... And will not make that mistake again!

OK so ... Yesterday afternoon I managed to do a modified practice wearing ugg boots for the standing poses! What can you do?! Faced with no yoga mat and trying to keep my feet from slipping out from under me on the hospital linoleum floor, it was a great idea! Still only did a modified practice but I was so pleased I was able to do it. I remember when I was here in 2007 having chemo I brought my mat in but it was just too much even to attempt it! This time, no yoga mat but it was possible. :)

So what I've got, why I'm here in hospital is something called "autoimmune haemolysis'. What that means is my immune system had decided that my red blood cells were the enemy and was killing them off!! Which could not be allowed to continue for obvious reasons ... :) For a while the treatment was only partially working - blood test results showed some 'markers' were going in the right direction, but not my haemoglobin. However at last today that is on the upward path too, but not quickly enough for me to get out/home today, sadly. But I and the doctor are hopeful it'll be OK tomorrow.


Globie said...

Hi Susie,

Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction health wise and hope you can get home to your fury friend tomorrow.

I have had problems with Wordpress deleting posts, so I always write mine in the "Notes" App, then copy and paste, safer and less frustrating.

susiegb said...

Whoohoo - I'm going home now!


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