Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At the hospital again

Although I've been feeling so much better since I got of hospital last week, my doctor wasn't happy enough with my blood test results yesterday, and decided he wanted me to have mabthera (aka rituxin) infusions once a week for 4 weeks. So today I went to work for the morning and then came to the hospital for the afternoon! (Where I am now.)

All that aside - as I said, I've been feeling great since I got out of hospital last week. Went back to work on Monday and things have been going swimmingly. Well, my health-wise, and from my perspective anyway! So many other work/family issues are swirling around it's quite unbelievable - you wouldn't credit it! Too complicated to go into here, and probably not that interesting to others anyway, but ... !#?%!##!

I didn't make it to my normal Saturday yoga class. On Friday evening my fridge decided it had given enough and gave up the ghost! So I had to spend Saturday racing round buying a new fridge and getting it delivered. The amount of furniture moving involved to get the new fridge in, not to mention all the cleaning under where the old one had been, under the dishwasher that had to be moved, etc etc. I was completely exhausted by the end of all that and decided to be sensible and stay home!

Did go to see 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' on Sunday ... Such a wonderful film, I really loved it and highly recommend it! I think I'm going to buy the DVD. Hilarious ... :)

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Teresa M said...

Sounds as if life is a bit turbulent for you at the moment Susie. Hope things go a bit more smoothly for a while. Especially loved Kristen S-T in the Salmon Fishing movie!


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