Friday, May 04, 2012


OK, this is the reconstruction (attempted reconstruction!) of the second post that's disappeared because I was creating in BlogPress and then editing via Safari ... I hadn't worked out how to add tags in BlogPress - forgotten probably, and so tha's what I was doing via Safari. Great idea! Got the tags in but the actual blog post disappeared!! Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted! The last place I was expecting to find myself spending the long weekend was hospital! But Wednesday was my three-monthly visit with my specialist and I always have blood tests before that. And there was apparently something funny happening with my red blood cells - they were vanishing and my bone marrow wasn't able to keep up with the demand! Looked like my immune system was having some sort of spas attack and going after them. I also had to have the normal 4-weekly IV-IG infusion so more blood tests were ordered. Doctor wanted me to stay in over night as results hadn't come back but I had the pussycat to look after (and really didn't want to!) so I went home to await a phonecall the next day. And the next day I was told I'd have to come into hospital until Monday at least for some treatment to stop my sily immune system! Sigh ... ! Took young Sansa off for heer first visit to the pet motel (not happy!), went to the library on the way and then armed with books, DVDs, iPad etc. here I am! I did try doing some sun salutes but as I hadn't brought my yoga mat (only had my big one at home and too much to carry!) it was by hard! Veery skippy underfoot, didn't feel safe. But seated might be easier tomorrow? will see.


Globie said...

Hey Susie
Sorry to hear you are stuck in Hospital, hope you escape soon.

Dont throttle yourself on the drip line doing the Surya's

susiegb said...

Yeah luckily I'm only attached to a drip for 2-3 hours a day. But the problem is. O yoga mat and slidey floors! Very hard to do most standing poses! Will try some seated tomorrow! :)

Globie said...

2-3 hours not too bad, at least they are letting you out of bed for a stretch. You should try the LBH game using the automatic beds up and down button :-)


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