Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I saved an owl!

Yes, that's right! My chook (chicken) shed, which is currently home to a friend's 5 chooks while she's away, is split into 4 'enclosures', and has netting over the top of 2 of them. I did this years ago in a vain attempt to stop wild birds coming in and eating all the grain I put down for my chooks. But occasionally a bird would still manage to get in and get stuck inside for a while till they found one of the holes to get out.

Well, last night when I came home, I checked the chookshed for eggs (none!) and then noticed a bird hanging upside down from the netting in the next bit. It was flapping its rather large wings for a few seconds, then stopping and hanging there. It was too dark for me to do anything, so I went on up to the house, got some scissors, gloves and a torch and came back down. Then I discovered it was an owl (so sweet)! I wasn't sure how close it'd let me get, but it seemed to be happy for me to get closer and closer as I snipped away at the netting. Finally I got close enough for the netting to give way and the owl was free to escape!

Of course, he/she escaped into the netted area, not out of it! But I cut a big hole in the netting and had to hope for the best! And this morning when I came to feed the chooks on my way to work, there was no owl!!

Things like this make me feel so glad to be alive!



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