Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My scans were clear!!!

Yesss!! I had CT and PET scans last Friday and although I'd been sure they would be clear, as the date approached I started to worry, all the 'whatifs' were running through my head, specially in bed at night!

Anyway, I got a message from my doctor that they were negative / clear !! I'm seeing him again in a couple of weeks, and I'll see what he has to say then, but it is quite a relief! (I couldn't have waited 2 weeks to hear!!)

Apart from that (great news!) things are good! I did yoga practice at work yesterday (lunchtime) which felt really good. And we've got the Friday lunchtime yoga session with a few others from work happening again too.

The chooks have gone back to Angela, now that she's back from her world tour! She came for dinner on Sunday night and we went down to the chookshed at about 8pm with a torch and various boxes and managed to transfer them into said boxes without too much squawking or anxiety!

Anyway, I'm happy! A weight has been taken off my mind (which I put there, but ...) and I can get on with enjoying life and what it brings!


Susan Carrier said...

What a wonderful relief! I recently had my six-month post-SCT scans, and they also were clean. But, oh the anxiety I had for two weeks. I was hyper, high-strung and, in general, not too much fun to be around.

I hope this gets easier!


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