Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Very sad news about my Mieke pussycat

She's gone. Yesterday. I had to sign the form to authorise the vet to euthanise her, and I stroked her (and soaked her head with my tears) as it happened.

On Monday afternoon (when I was home sick from that sushi-overdose) she came in from outside and I could see she was having trouble breathing. I took her to the vets, and they ended up sending me off the the University's small animal clinic as it was too serious for them to deal with. The vets there told me it appeared she had a large 'mass' in her chest cavity which was leaving very little room for her lungs. Anyway, they kept her in overnight and did further tests on her. I had to go to the hospital on Tuesday morning to have my portacath flushed and get blood tests, so I went to the Uni clinic on the way back from that, in my heart knowing what was likely going to have to happen.

Supreme irony - it appeared likely that she had a lymphoma! But she wasn't going to survive it.

I've had to stop writing this a few times in an attempt to keep it together (I'm at work). I know it was for the best, that she was suffering. At least now it's only me that's suffering. And I will get over it. But right now ... I've had her for 12 and a half years. She was there with me when I broke up with my partner of 18 years. She was with me when I went through chemo for NHL last year. She has been a support and a companion through all of that.

I shall miss her more than I can say ...


Friend of Frogs and Squirrels said...

Dear Susie,

I am sorry to hear about your Mieke pussycat. I am sure she had a most wonderful life.

Take care,


V said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry. Poor Mieke :-(
But she was loved very much and you have wonderful memories to cherish.

karen said...

I'm so sorry. I lost my cat in May, and it is so hard not to have his little spirit with me every day. Hugs to you.

Globetrotters said...

Poor Mieke, crossed the rainbow bridge to pussy cat heaven. You will remember her forever, she will watch over you from above.

Tracy said...

so sorry about your loss~ it can leave you with a hole in your heart~but just know how much she loved you and the memories, and sometimes those in themselves are just so comforting...
be well~


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