Saturday, November 05, 2005

Government Work is God's Work (!)

India is full of very amusing (to us westerners) signs. I saw that (Government Work is God's Work) carved in large stone letters above the entry doors to a huge imposing (government) building, and cracked up!!

So, it's Saturday today. Here the rest day is Sunday, so we had our normal asana and pranayama classes this morning, then it was 'out of school' !! I have to say my body will be glad of a day's rest! My legs are aching and I'm having to be careful about my right knee. But it's been a great week, yoga-wise. I can get my head onto the ground in kurmasana now - something I would have thought impossible a couple of weeks ago. Navasana is coming back, and I even managed to get 2 feet off the ground in an arm balance - admittedly for half a second only, but still a first!!

Last night 6 of us went out after dinner to a chocolate place that people had found. Basically it just serves chocolate! I had a chocolate cappucino (!) and we all ate lovely home-made chocolates - orange peel chocolate, yum!! Then at quarter to nine we all thought - oh, time to go home and go to bed (big grin).

This afternoon Scottish Karen and I went to MG Road. We just went to the (wonderful) Bombay Store. Air conditioned comfort, no people hassling you, and lots of lovely things to buy! I bought a couple of shirts and a nice bracelet. A few days ago I went to Commercial Street and bought another diamond nosepin (to replace the one I lost a couple of years ago). In fact Mum is giving this to me as a Christmas present (thanks Mum!) It's really nice! I may have to take some of the other women down to Commercial Street tomorrow as at least one of them wants to get her nose pierced.

It's hard to imagine that this time next week I'll be back home in Australia, no doubt with pussycat Mieke curled upon my lap. I've had such a great holiday - done so many fabulous things and spent time with so many wonderful friends and family members!!



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