Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sunny day in Northern NSW

Just been out for a long walk along Coolangatta beach ... It was really nice - a good time of year for it. Not heaving with people but still quite a few out walking, biking, whatever. Not too many in the water, though I did see a few surfers out amongst the waves. Too cold to contemplate getting in myself though!

I've been a bit sick for a few days, so haven't made it to class for a while. But still managing to do a (short!) practice most days ... Hoping to make it back one day next week.

There hasn't been much to look at in the way of houses to buy yet. Have driven past a few that were advertised on but they're just not what I'm looking for. Didn't 'speak' to me ... ! At the moment I'm happy to wait, keep my eyes open. Well that's just as well isn't it! Not much I can do apart from that ... I'm going to the Mullum(bimby) farmers market tomorrow with a friend, and I may drive us past one house in Brunswick Heads that I've looked at from the outside. Looks nice but apart from the price being somewhat out of my range, it's right next door to some kind of garage with trucks etc. Probably I should go and check it out anyway ... :)

Oh - and I do know there's some graphics missing from this blog design at the moment. I will be sorting that out soon !!

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