Saturday, June 07, 2014

Class and beautiful surroundings

Went to my second class at Dena's shala on Wednesday. I'd actually been having a bad few days coughing, and that morning I was debating with myself about whether to go or not, but I'm very glad I did! Decided not to risk shoulder stand or other inversions, but apart from a couple of coughing fits it was great. Christian gives a lovely squish in baddha konasana which I really appreciate!

Yesterday a couple of friends came to visit and we had a lovely day. Sat around talking, and then went on a beautiful drive to the Tweed Regional Art Gallery and had lunch in the cafe there. The views are just spectacular - I honestly can't think I've seen more beautiful - that I can remember anyway! John said it's really similar to the Lake District ... (have to smile - for a minute I feel like I'm channelling Mr Darcy or Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice! I can just hear that conversation after Elizabeth is 'found' by Mr Darcy visiting his country home in Derbyshire!!)

The countryside round here is really beautiful ... So green and hilly after Ipswich! Fields of sugarcane in places and green rolling hills ... I'm very happy I've made this move!

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